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Sharing the beauty of research

AiR has already organized 12 exhibitions in exceptional places such as UNESCO, the Centquatre Paris, the Silvacane Abbey or the Hotel de Ville in Paris. But just like art and science, AiR knows no borders: an exhibition in Kyoto, another in Brussels, even a collaboration with a Chinese collective in Shanghai. Always with the same ambition, that of sharing with our public the beauty of scientific research. Below some images of our most significant exhibitions.


To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the World Science Day for peace and development was dedicated to the theme « Science, a Human Right ». AiR and UNESCO imagined an exhibition drawing parallels between articles of Declaration and artworks from our artists-researchers.


AiR had the great pleasure of exhibiting at the 8Q gallery in Kyoto at the end of 2019. On the sidelines of this event where nearly 12 works from our collection were exhibited, we led a conference on the history of images in science, together with a microscopic photography workshop to discover the beauty of liquid crystals.


Our works have taken over the salons of the Hotel de Ville in Paris! As part of the Hacking de l'Hotel de Ville, an annual event dedicated to young innovative companies, we were able to tell the wonderful stories hidden behind our photographs. 


As part of the PhD Talent Career Fair, relive AiR's first exhibition in the former Centquatre stables, the happy outcome of several months of hard work.


AiR was pleased to collaborate with the Chinese collective Wavelength as part of the exhibition "New Waveland: Dare for more" which took place in Shanghai from January 25 to March 17, 2019. This exhibition aims to explore the vision of artists on relationships between man, space and nature by questioning the link between art and environmental sustainability.


Built during the 12th century, the abbey has a simple architecture in harmony with the Cistercian spirituality. The aesthetic purity of this sanctuary echoes the minimalistic photographs of the AiR collection. The geometry of the works presented is reminiscent of the Cistercian architecture, based on the relationship between forms. The architects of the abbey played with light, just as our artist-researchers enlightened the objects of their research to highlight their contours.


One of AiR's exhibition took place in the land of the impressionists. Our photographs were exhibited in the beautiful surroundings of the city that inspired many painters: Auvers-sur-Oise, artists' village. Auvers and its monuments, including its church, have been the muses of Van Gogh's last creations. In this place where art is omnipresent, AiR tried to honor this prestigious past and invited the public to discover the ethereal and surprising beauty of scientific research. 


In November 2019, about 20 pieces from the AiR collection were exhibited in Brussels. The Galerie 55, 55 rue Darwin, Ixelles, hosts contemporary artists from different scopes: painters, sculptors, or photographers.


AiR's very first exhibition. In the gallery installed on the first floor of this dynamic Parisian theater, our visitors were able to discover our first collection of scientific photographs and to meet, discuss and share with our artist-researchers specially present for the occasion.

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