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Born in 2017, AiR - Art in Research is the first art gallery dedicated to scientific photography. With the aim of revealing unsuspected beauty in scientific research, we want to show the world how intriguing, mysterious and harmonious photographs taken by scientists in the context of their work can be. In addition, one can directly help funding research by purchasing one or several of our artworks.


Photography plays a crucial role in today’s scientific research: various imaging techniques, such as microscopy, are now used in physics, biology, medicine, earth science, and even mathematics. Some of the researchers we support really step into artists’ shoes, while others simply capture instants of beauty reminiscent of the fragile and delicate harmony of nature. Sometimes by revealing the invisible, and other times by playing with the scales of observation, our photographs are at the same time surrounded by mystery and witnesses to an indisputable truth.

About the founder

Co-fondateur Art in Research - Alexandre Darmon

During his PhD, Alexandre Darmon got interested in the physics of liquid crystals and developed a real fascination for these objects that interact with light in such a spectacular manner. It was during a stay in Kyoto that he found a way to combine his passion for photography with his love of science. In 2017, he co-founded the AiR - Art in Research gallery and acts today as a photographer and curator to reveal a radical, fundamental, hidden beauty in our research laboratories.



Scientific mediation

Bearing in mind that art is a formidable vector of communication, we organize exhibitions, conferences, and school interventions to arouse children’s scientific and artistic curiosity. Science has the power to fascinate everyone, one just has to know how to tell the story: at AiR, we choose to tell it with pictures.


Conference "A history of images in science", Kyoto, Japon

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